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Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

I been waiting for the daily show to come back so they could cover this

Jon rip them boys a new asshole 

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Morgentau is a quiet friend, someone who loves to listen and does not dare to interrupt. She loves how people can get passionate about something and feels glad if someone trusts her with personal information.

She is a private person herself, rarely mentioning personal facts or her opinion if she is not asked to do so. She loves to listen to stories and tell stories about other people but she doesn’t think of herself as an interesting person.

She and her younger brother Jochen are very close. His voice is currently changing from that of a boy to the one of a grown man and she tries to get him to sing all the time, just so she can laugh at him. It’s friendly teasing, though, she doesn’t mean it in a bad way.

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Nathaniel Howe by Mezamero

Nathaniel Howe by Mezamero

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Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Classes (x)

Archer // Necromancer // Assassin // Elementalist // Keeper // Alchemist // Katari // Reaver // Legionnaire

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dontdaresayingitunlessyoumeanit asked: wie gefällt dir deine tom hiddleston gif :D

Ich glaube das drückt es so ziemlich genau aus ;)

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For now you won, anti-paper-writing spirit, but one day I’ll return…


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I think I recognize this moment.

And the option for the Warden to say “I wish there could have been another way.” (Basically) is disgusting. If *I* were her I’d tell them to bloody choke on their fauxpologies and lies.

She doesn’t. She simply points out that there could have been another way. Her mourning, her sorrow, her anguish are hers alone and she is too proud to share any of that with her father’s killers. Also, there is guilt and shame about enabling her father’s murder by reaching out to the Warden and Eamon in the first place or, even worse, by supporting the Warden all the way and being betrayed in return.

This is a woman who has been cheated on, condescended to because of her “low birth”, blamed for cursing the Theirin line with barrenness, cast aside, underestimated, blamed…….she also lost her entire family.

Her Epilogue slides show just how traumatized she is. She still fights for the country she loves, she still works, pushes and does everything she can to advance Ferelden and make it prosper into the nation she knew her father fought and died for.

Anora Mac Tir is a survivor and a heroine. A lion’s cub maturing into a fierce lioness as Ferelden’s queen. Maker save anyone trying to harm her again.

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"Belle? Are you happy here with me?"
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petitetiaras’ Couples Challenge: Day Two
  ↳ Favorite Gentleman: Hercules

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ffff no lack of creativity in your answers, Rena; they were all really great. I’m excited to hear that song!

This is what I’m here for—to make people sad in and with writing |D

But it’s a good kind of sad so I’m kinda okay :D

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oups, I meant to ask for a friendship hc for Morgentau, but all hearts must look the same. :> please do write that AU; I’d be interested in hearing about the feelings those Arcanum songs inspire. Also, wanna hear those Anders songs!

oh no I mixed up the icons it was my fault I’m so so so sorry >/////< (as for the song, I’m still having a few problems with the lyrics buuuut something is in the works >3)

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Zack Hemsey - “The Way”

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❁ meet the blogger ❁

name: Johanna
nickname: Rena :D
favorite flower: daisies
favorite fruit: strawberries or raspberries
favorite ice-cream flavor: amarena cherry
favorite pastime: reading/writing/music/video games
day or night: twilight
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate <3333
how do you take you coffee/tea: no coffee, tea without any additional things in it unless it is turkish black tea then a bit sugar is just fine
your catchphrase: What is it with these catchphrases, who does that in real life? :(
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-I was wondering if you would give me another chance to go on your quest.

-My quest?

-Yeah, I want to help you get your wish.